Sunrise - Dawn of a New Cycle

Session 10 - Return from the Past

In which the party returns from Belfry Bay Cave, and return to Steamhooke to find what's been waiting for them. . .

  • After delivering a swift elbow atop the kobold assassin Shivish. Shivish was convinced by Fiske to have their neck snapped, as Fiske told them that Poole had returned to betray them and Salina was gone.
  • Karai was told by Vonbin that Vulkan was important to the Fireforge Clan and their history. Vonbin said that if she was serious about working to bring Vulkan back, then he’d aid her. Vonbin also told her to be cautious about taking the quest to ressurect Vulkan upon herself, as he claims that, for Thone and The Hands of Salvation to bring Fiske back to life, 100 men were killed to retrieve the components necessary to do so.


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