Sunrise - Dawn of a New Cycle

Session 11 - New Friends, New Enemies, New Digs

  • Garathur sent a note out to Magus, leader of Darkblade’s Edge, through the courier service of Familiar Findings. The note described where he was, what had been going on, and where he could be contacted if he was needed back up North.
  • The gang (and Steve, Nicodemus’ alter-ego) convinced Bori Rockseeker to buy the Dwarven Stonechest. He also asked them if they could look for any signs of dealings between the Fireorge Clan and the old nobility in the Old Noble District.
  • Fiske, Kethra, and Garathur went out to the walls of the Noble District, where they encounter a… mysterious entity calling itself Gulthias, and claiming that a guard would be killed for every day that Fiske did not return to the District.
  • Everyone got a seperate room at The Sweet Cavern Arms, an upscale Inn in the center of the city.


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